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Faucet flow rate


1.the faucet flow rate for USA:


Water flowL/min)

Basin faucet and Kitchen faucet

2.2gallons(8.3L) per minute max in 60psi(4kg/sq.cm)

Bathtub faucet

single handle

2.4gallons(9L) per minute max in 20psi

double handle

2.4gallons(9L) per minute max in 20psi

Hand shower & spout


Hand shower :2.5gallons per minute max in 80psi

Spout: 2.4gallons(9L) per minute max in 70psi

2. the flow rate for Europe:

in 3 bar,the flow rate shower be the following standard
bathtub faucet
>=20L/min(for mixing valve,should be more than 19 L/min each single side)
faucet for basin,kitchen,bidet and shower

note:for the faucet with water inlet hose,water outlet hose or sprayer,the flow rate is required >= 9L/min

        for the double handle mixing faucet,max flow rate means the single side max flow

3.the flow rate for UK:

in 0.1bar,the flow rate shower be meet the following standard

size max flow max flow for double side note
single control 1/2 >=7.5l/min >=10.8l/min
3/4 >=15l/min >=22.5l/min
1/2 the cold side >=4.2l/min

1/2 the hot side >=7.5l/min
mixing valve baisn/hand shower/kitchen/bidet faucet 4.8-6.0l/min



bathtub faucet >=15l/min
single side>=14l/min

4.the flow rate for Australia:

Australia water saving authentication
3 star 7.5l/min
4 star 6l/min
5 star 4.5l/min
6 star a<4.5l/min

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